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Greece: The Final Final Deadline?

July 8th, 2015

Episode 301 of 836 episodes

G Day: As a final final decision day of this coming Sunday is set by eurozone creditors for Greece, Ed Butler asks the head of the Economist magazine's Brussels bureau, Tom Nuttall, how has it come to this? Meanwhile, with all eyes on Athens, are we missing an even bigger crisis in China, where stock markets continue to tumble despite heavy interventions by the government? China economist Andy Xie, with a track record of spotting asset bubbles, explains what he thinks the government is doing wrong. And what is the future of technology? Could "wearables" eventually be superseded by "disappearables"? That is the thesis of regular contributor Jeremy Wagstaff of Reuters. (Photo: Alexis Tsipras; Credit: Thierry Charlier/Getty Images)

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