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Greek and African Growth Pains

December 2nd, 2015

Episode 405 of 836 episodes

We travel to Greece, four months after the country submitted to the tough terms of an international bailout. The BBC's Simon Jack is there examining what signs there are, if any, of an economic recovery, after some six years of crisis. Also in the programme, we examine the much-hailed narrative of "Africa Rising". The problem is that many think Africa isn't rising. With the collapse of commodity prices recently, many business leaders are calling on governments to commit to a much deeper reform agenda. Arnold Ekpe, chairman of Atlas Mara, a recently formed international corporate bank aimed at developing opportunities in a number of African countries, says more spending is required to support improvements in roads, power and telecommunications. And Bob Collymore, chief executive of Kenya's Safaricom, believes that unless they do more to tackle their own endemic corruption, the politicians will never see Africa rising as it should. (Picture: Cyclist on his mobile phone in Burundi; Credit: Phil Moore/AFP/Getty Images)

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