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Hong Kong & China

September 5th, 2016

Episode 606 of 836 episodes

Anti-China activists have done well in Hong Kong's legislative council elections. The BBC's Paul Moss tells us what that means for the territory's economic relationship with the mother country, China. The elections took place as China hosts the G20 leaders' summit, where Japan has warned that Britain's decision to leave the European Union could lead to Japanese companies moving their head offices away from the UK. We hear the concerns the chair of Lloyds of London, John Nelson, has about that. Meanwhile, Phil Mercer reports on how home ownership is increasingly out of reach for many Australians and Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times wonders why people in her mid-50s age group are vastly outnumbered by younger colleagues in the workplace. (Picture: Electoral officials empty a ballot box for counting in the Hong Kong Legislative Council elections; Credit: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)

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