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India's Boom Economy

October 5th, 2016

Episode 631 of 822 episodes

Today our spotlight is on India - a land of opportunity, says the Prime Minister. He's inviting foreign companies to invest big in the country, and he's boasting the highest growth rate of any major economy in the world. We hear a report from Tamil Nadu in India's south, nicknamed 'Asia's Detroit' for its booming car manufacturing industry. Yogita Limaye reports from one car plant. We also hear from Rahul Tandon in Kolkatta who reflects on India's entrepreneurial spirit and we hear from Ajit Ranade, the Chief Economist of the Indian conglomerate, Aditya Birla Group, on India's prospects for maintaining its current growth rate and whether the perceived benefits of globalisation are actually reaching the country's vast rural poor population. Has globalisation left them behind? (Photo: Indian car-worker Sujitha Rajendrababu. Credit: BBC)

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