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Iran: In From the Cold

July 30th, 2015

Episode 316 of 836 episodes

The sanctions against Iran have often been described as the toughest ever imposed on a country in peacetime. Those sanctions are set to be lifted now that Tehran has signed a landmark deal with world powers curbing the country's nuclear ambitions. Edwin Lane reports on what that means for businesses selling Iranian goods while BBC Persian's business correspondent, Amir Paivar, tells us what effect the sanctions have had on business and economic life in Iran. Manouchehr Takin, an Iranian oil analyst formerly of the Centre for Global Energy Studies and OPEC, explains why other oil-producing nations are braced for Iranian oil coming onto international markets and Rouzbeh Pirouz, chairman of the Tehran-based asset management firm Turquoise Partners, talks about the potential of Iran's capital markets and the hurdles foreign investors might face. (Photo: Nuclear deal celebrations in Tehran, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

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