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Is being slim a luxury?

February 18th, 2016

Episode 462 of 836 episodes

What is the link between poverty and obesity, in both the developed and developing world? Katy Watson explores why in countries like the US, being slim is increasingly being likened to a luxury item, with a deep health divide between richer and poorer communities. Katy hears why poorer communities in Mexico are particularly at risk of obesity, and why rates of childhood obesity have soared to among the highest in the world, even where incomes have not. In the US Katy speaks to those who predict this could be the first generation for a long time to see slowing life expectancy due to obesity related illnesses, and asks what do the prevalence of banks have to do with childhood obesity rates in cities? Plus, how Mexican health authorities are trying to encourage healthier food choices in the Yucatan.

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