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Islamic State Funding and the Cyber-Threat

November 18th, 2015

Episode 395 of 836 episodes

We look at some of the political fall-out from the Paris terror attacks and the bombing of a Russian airliner. Both western leaders and Moscow have pledged tough action against the militants, including the targeting of Islamic State's funding stream. So where exactly does the group's cash comes from? We ask Valerie Marcel, an Associate Fellow at the UK think-tank, Chatham House. Also, could the internet itself become a means of terror attack? The British Chancellor George Osborne has this week pledged new funding to fight this perceived threat. Richard Turner, European CEO at FireEye, a leading cyber-security firm, gives us his view of this perceived risk. Finally, the BBC's South Korea correspondent, Steve Evans, has headed north of the 38th parallel, to assess what is really going on economically in Communist North Korea. (Photo: Islamic State Militants marching in single line formation. Credit: Associated Press. )

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