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Living on the Border

October 4th, 2016

Episode 630 of 836 episodes

In the US there are communities living without access to proper sewerage systems, running water and electricity. They are in many ways modern day slums and they're called colonias. Mainly clustered around the Texas-Mexico border, these communities of mainly second generation Mexican Americans have some of the worst poverty rates in the whole country. Many of them don't have bank accounts, and exploitation by payday lenders and property developers has led to colonia residents in inescapable debt cycles. Joe Miller meets those still living in these conditions today, and those who grew up in colonias and who are now shaping policy to eradicate them in the future. Joe asks why colonias still exist, and how financial education can play a better role and encourage entrepreneurship in this often forgotten part of the US. (Photo:A colonia on the Texas-Mexico border, Credit: BBC)

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