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Portugal: Where Have all the Young People Gone?

July 20th, 2015

Episode 309 of 836 episodes

Greek banks have reopened after three weeks of closure, but there are still limits to what people can withdraw. We hear from the BBC's Mark Lowen in Athens, while Sony Kapoor, managing director of the research group Re-Define, explains what impact the restrictions will have on the Greek economy and whether the risk of Greece leaving the euro has now really decreased. Also, Edwin Lane reports on the brain drain in Portugal. Like Athens, Lisbon had to adopt deep cuts in public spending to qualify for a financial bailout from its European partners. Tens of thousands of young, skilled workers left the country in the aftermath. Will they return now that Portugal's economy is showing signs of a recovery? Plus, Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times muses on job satisfaction; who derives more contentment from their career, a Wall Street banker or a shoeshine boy? (Photo: Old man walks along Lisbon street. Credit: AFP)

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