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Tech hubs: power and pain

November 17th, 2015

Episode 393 of 836 episodes

Join Zoe Kleinman on a journey back in time to the world's first tech hub. Bletchley Park was home to 10,000 code breakers during the Second World War - 7,000 of whom were women. What lessons can today's Silicon cities learn from the past? Meet the women of 21st century Silicon Valley who are determined to make their mark without falling into the traps of stereotypes. And come to Cambridge in the east of England, where the ivory towers of the ancient university are dwarfed by the exponential growth of billion dollar tech and biotech businesses. Great news for investors but soaring property prices are beginning to bite for the locals who live and work outside of the tech sphere. (Photo: Bletchley Park coding cogs used on the Bombe machine developed by Alan Turning)

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