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The Great Fall of China

August 25th, 2015

Episode 334 of 836 episodes

We examine what the Chinese are calling Black Monday, what British papers are calling the Great Fall of China. Monday saw the biggest one-day fall in global stocks since the height of the financial crisis. Trillions wiped off shares, driven by fears around the true state of the Chinese economy. We hear how some share markets are now struggling to bounce back, and at the enduring fears that something is fundamentally wrong with the Chinese economy. David Stubbs, global market strategist with JP Morgan in London, says the fears may be exaggerated, but he accepts that low commodity prices are now probably here for quite some time to come. We also visit an education technology conference in London, looking at the ways in which technological change could be offering the basis for a slow revolution in the classroom. Experts from Samsung, Google and educational institutions argue that new apps and computing are already transforming the way billions of children around the world experience education. (Photo: Stock market investor in China, Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

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