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The Industrialisation of Africa

May 23rd, 2016

Episode 531 of 770 episodes

Is it Sub-Saharan Africa's turn to enjoy the bounty of mass industrialisation? Presenter Andrew Walker hears from a leading Nigerian businesswoman - Amy Jadesimi of port developer Ladol - who says why she thinks private businesses could play a leading role in sustaining the continent's economic boom, in particular through infrastructure development. One example is Ivory Coast, which is fast becoming the world's biggest grower of cashew nuts. The BBC's Tamasin Ford reports on how the country aims to take this one step further, and also dominate the processing of this cash crop. Also in the programme, Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times directs her ire at a supposedly morale-boosting email fired off by a senior Goldman Sachs executive. (Picture: Technician at a thermal power station in Ivory Coast; Credit: Sia-Kambou/AFP/Getty Images)

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