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September 19th, 2016

Episode 619 of 836 episodes

We count down to 8 November - US election day. We assess the rival economic plans, beginning with Donald Trump's Republican proposals for a low-tax and high tariff economy: slash business rates, raise some trade barriers and repatriate illegal immigrants are three of his big ideas. But Jamie Thompson, head of macro scenarios at the global analysis and advisory firm Oxford Economics says these proposals, if fully implemented, would lead to a 5% drop in the US growth rate over the next four years. A Trump economic adviser, and a senior fellow and director at the Manhattan Institute, Diana Furthgott-Roth, says that is nonsense. Also, Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times assesses what the declared reading lists of CEOs tell us about the super-rich these days. (Photo: Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania. Credit: Getty Images)

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