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Ukraine War and Debt

August 10th, 2015

Episode 323 of 836 episodes

With the world's worst recession, spiralling inflation and an ongoing conflict with Russian separatists in the east of the country, Ukraine has said its current debt pile is unpayable. Rescheduling and haircuts look almost certain. But without peace, can the government turn things around? We hear from ordinary Ukrainians, from the Finance Minister, and from Ondrej Schneider, the senior economist at the Institute of International Finance in Washington, which provides advice to some of the country's private bondholders. We also hear from Lucy Kellaway who celebrates her 30th year of service at the Financial Times this year. It has been her only serious employer during her adult life. Should she be proud? Or should the modern employee be making it a point of honour to move around more? (Photo: Ukraine Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

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