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Unequal Measures

September 7th, 2015

Episode 342 of 836 episodes

Business Daily looks at economic inequality around the world. The pay gaps are growing pretty much everywhere these days, and one new report from the World Economic Forum suggests that governments everywhere aren't doing enough to fix them. We hear from Rick Samans, a member of the WEF's Managing Board, and from Ikea, the retailer who's just hiked its British worker's pay across the board in a bid to retain staff and make life easier for some of the nation's lowest paid, But we also hear from economist Andrew Lilico, chairman of the London consultancy Europe Economics, who reckons inequality's perils have been greatly exaggerated. Is inequality really an economic problem in itself? Also what exactly is a skill-set when it's at home? You apparently need one for most new executive jobs these days. But is this bewildering label actually helpful? Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times thinks not. (Photo: Ikea employee in Berlin, Germany, Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

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