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US-China New Trade Cold War?

August 4th, 2016

Episode 583 of 836 episodes

Uber is selling its China operation. We assess media claims of a new Cold War in US-China trade relations, with the help of Mark Natkin, founder and managing director of Marbridge Consulting, a consultancy based in Beijing. We ask him about allegations of Chinese government meddling in foreign businesses in China. Also, we look at the dark art of the "honey trap", with the help of two individuals with first-hand experience. Peter Humphrey was a corporate investigator based in China and he says Chinese firms regularly deploy sex workers to seduce businessmen and extract trade secrets or trade advantages, by means of blackmail. An Indian private investigator, Sanjay Singh of the Indian Detective Agency in New Delhi, also describes how he uses female agents in a similar way, to target lonely businessmen. Is all fair in love and business? (Picture: Chinese Peoples' Liberation Army soldiers performing honour guard duties. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

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