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What's the Point of Financial Markets?

November 12th, 2015

Episode 390 of 836 episodes

Central banks around the world are mostly closed shops but this week the Bank of England broke with its 300-year-old tradition of being secretive and invited the public to have its say over the role of central banks and financial markets in society. Presenter Manuela Saragosa reports from the bank's open forum, a public event staged and hosted by the Bank of England to encourage debate. She hears from members of the audience and one of the discussion panelists, Helena Morrissey, CEO of Newton Investment Management. And, Joris Luyendijk, journalist and author, speaks to Ed Butler about his book on bankers, Swimming with Sharks, which lifts the lid on banking culture. (Photo: Governor Mark Carney speaking at the Bank of England's Open Forum in London. Credit: AP)

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