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Frontrunners in France's presidential election have talked economics with business leaders. Sophie Fay is business editor at the French weekly magazine Nouvel Observateur, and watched the candidates make their pitches. Also in the programme, President Trump is expected to issue a new executive order to sweep away many Obama era policies on...

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World markets head lower on fears over President Trump's ability to achieve policy goals, following an embarrassing defeat on healthcare reform. We hear from New York and London. Plus, professor David Cutler of Harvard University considers the prospects for promised tax cuts, without the federal budget savings promised by an Obamacare repeal....

As thousands of protestors take to the streets in Russia complaining of corruption within the political system, Vladimir Putin meets with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran. We ask what is likely to be discussed and what it could mean for trade between the two countries. Hours after Carrie Lam is selected as the news Chief Executive of Hong Kong,...

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Wall Street Update 24/3/17

March 25th, 2017

It's being seen as the biggest setback so far for the Trump presidency. The healthcare reform bill, drawn up by the House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan and backed by the president was finally pulled in the last few hours. Two days of delayed voting revealed what many already assumed: there were not enough votes to get it through. We ask...