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Europe's busiest airport is to grow as the UK government approves a third runway at London's Heathrow. We have reaction from Graham Dunn of Flight Global magazine, Jonathan Bartley of the UK's Green Party, and Henri Pageot, who was in charge of designing Britain's new airports for several decades. Also in the programme, shares in the world's...

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Belgium's Wallonia region has blocked the CETA Canada-EU trade deal. Professor Pierre D'Argent from the University of Louvain explains why the people of Wallonia are so opposed to the deal. Also in the programme, both US presidential candidates have expressed concern about a proposed merger between telecoms giant AT&T and the media company...

In the US, both presidential hopefuls have raised concerns about the proposed takeover by AT&T of Time Warner - the company behind Game of Thrones and the Harry Potter films. We'll examine some of those concerns. Why is a small region of Belgium STILL threatening to sink a EU-Canada trade deal that has been years in the making? A senior...

Canada has criticised the European Union after last minute talks on the CETA free trade deal collapsed, because Brussels failed to convince the Wallonia region of Belgium to give the agreement a green light. Wallonia's reluctance has prevented Belgium from signing up and the deal cannot proceed unless all 28 EU member countries consent. We hear...