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Mike Pence has sought to reassure Europe about relations with the US under President Trump. We ask Karel de Gucht, former trade commissioner for the European Union, how the strong trading relationship between Europe and the US might be affected. Also in the programme, Kraft Heinz has abandoned its bid to buy the Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant...

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Kraft Heinz Drops Unilever Bid

February 20th, 2017

Kraft Heinz withdraws its $143bn bid to buy rival Unilever. Both companies say the decision was reached "amicably". Martin Deboo, from Jefferies tells us what went wrong for the US food giant. Private rocket firm SpaceX successfully launches a rocket carrying a cargo ship for the International Space Station. Its the firm's second launch since...

The American food giant Kraft Heinz has made a surprise offer worth $143 billion to merge with the multi-national consumer goods group Unilever, but the Anglo-Dutch company refused to discuss a deal, saying it had made no financial or strategic sense. Shares in Unilever surged as it insisted the offer undervalued the company and it recommended...

Chicken, duck and geese farmers in France and Hungary have been hit the hardest by the H5N8 strain of bird 'flu, which is threatening a meat industry worth billions. We hear how millions of birds are being slaughtered to prevent the spread of avian influenza, with outbreaks detected in countries from Ireland to the Middle East and Africa. We get...