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The US has announced fresh sanctions against Iran over its ballistic missile programme and what it says is Iran's support for terror organisations. Amir Paivar is business correspondent with the BBC Persian service, he explains the implications. Also in the programme, the UK's advertising watchdog is to clamp down on adverts that feature...

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We take the temperature of Kenya's economy ahead of next month's election. The BBC's Vivienne Nunis in Nairobi finds out how voters feel about their standard of living. We ask opposition leader Raila Odinga what he would do if elected president. And we hear from Raphael Tuju, secretary general of the ruling Jubilee Party. Political commentator...

Australia's government wants to force tech firms to provide access to encrypted messages. Nicola Whiting from cyber security firm Titania tells us if the bid is likely to succeed. Also in the programme, Somalia endures almost three weeks of data deprivation after a ship cut through its internet cable. Bidan Tahir from the BBC's Somali service...

The German chancellor and French president hold a joint cabinet session in Paris. Carsten Brzeski is chief economist of ING in Germany, and tells us whether there is a new impetus in the relationship at the heart of Europe. Also in the programme, Ugandan Afrobeat musician turned member of parliament Bobi Wine tells us how he hopes to help his...