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Amazon's Tax Climbdown

May 26th, 2015

Episode 355 of 1091 episodes

The US retailer bows to anger over how much tax it pays in Europe. Vocal critic Margaret Hodge of the UK Parliament's Public Accounts Committee welcomes a move that will see the company pay tax in the UK and other European countries, rather than diverting sales through low-tax Luxembourg. Also in the programme, as anti-austerity parties gain new ground in Spain, we hear about Ada Colau, the woman who went from street protester to major political force. As India's heatwave claims more lives, in some places people are being told not to work between 10am and 4pm. But the BBC's Zubair Ahmed explains that's advice that many of the country's poorest people just can't afford to take. And in New York, we ask whether the city's 'hydroponic' urban farms can teach global agriculture a lesson in how to use less water. Plus, no laughing matter - the buskers of Oxford are in revolt, after being threatened with a $1,500 fine for failing to smile.

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