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Angela Merkel's CDU Suffers German Election Setback

March 14th, 2016

Episode 665 of 1091 episodes

Germany vows to stick with its refugee policy despite gains by anti-immigrant parties. We ask if the results will have repercussions for German economic policy. Also in the programme, French investigators say the pilot who deliberately crashed a passenger aircraft last year was showing signs of psychosis. Do doctors need new guidance about when to flag up patients who might be a threat to the public? We discuss with Professor Rob Bor, a clinical psychologist who assesses the mental health of pilots as part of his job. Plus a huge new solar power plant is switched on in South Africa. The facility's managing director, Nandu Bhula explains how the technology works. And our regular commentator, Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times, asks if it is time we all slowed down, relaxed and stopped working so hard.

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