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Belgians Block Key EU Pact With Canada

October 24th, 2016

Episode 862 of 1091 episodes

Belgium's Wallonia region has blocked the CETA Canada-EU trade deal. Professor Pierre D'Argent from the University of Louvain explains why the people of Wallonia are so opposed to the deal. Also in the programme, both US presidential candidates have expressed concern about a proposed merger between telecoms giant AT&T and the media company Time Warner. Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research in Utah tells us why the deal is proving to be so controversial. A new venture capital fund is starting in London for businesses that are started by women. We hear more from Debbie Wosskow of the AllBright fund. The biggest companies in the world have helped carbon emissions rise to a new record, according to the UN. Dr Deon Terblanche of the UN's World Meteorological Organisation explains his research, plus we have analysis from Tom Burke, who is a former environmental policy advisor to the mining giant Rio Tinto. And Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times tells us why she thinks the concept of creativity at work is massively overrated.

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