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Brexiteers in charge of EU negotiations

July 14th, 2016

Episode 774 of 1091 episodes

MPs who supported Britain leaving the EU have been appointed to key ministerial roles by the new Prime Minister Theresa May. The BBC's Tony Bonsignore goes out in search of the different ministries that will be crucial to the months, or maybe even years, of Brexit discussions; and Francis Maude, who was trade minister in David Cameron's government, explains why he thinks the new cabinet now needs to get on with the job of negotiating Britain's withdrawal from the EU. Also on the programme, the value of game maker Nintendo has risen by seventeen billion dollars in a single week because of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality smartphone game that has taken the world by storm. The BBC's technology reporter, Chris Foxx, explains why the game has been so successful. President Francois Hollande's haircut has been revealed to be costing the French taxpayer 10,000 euros a month. The Duchess of Cambridge's hair-dresser, Richard Ward, gives his reaction to this revelation. And the BBC's Jane Chambers reports from North Chile on how miners there are coping with the plunge in the price of copper.

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