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China Growth Stable

July 15th, 2016

Episode 775 of 1091 episodes

China's latest GDP figures show that the country's economy grew by 6.7%, within the government's target range. However, concerns remain as investment slowed and debt levels and government spending were up. The BBC's Danny Vincent hears from workers at a dispatch centre in Beijing and Jinny Yan, the Chief China Economist at ICBC Standard Bank, gives her thoughts on the state of China's economy. Also on the programme, a credit crunch is hitting Sub-Saharan Africa according to a new report from the Overseas Development Institute. Dr Judith Tyson, from the ODI, explains the reasons behind this. People have been protesting in Argentina over the policies of the new conservative government which has devalued the currency and cut state subsidies for electricity, gas, water and transport. These measures have accelerated inflation, which reached an annual rate of over 40% at the end of April. Grace Livingstone hears from shopkeepers in Buenos Aires about the impact of high inflation. And we review the stories of the week with Jason Douglas, from the Wall Street Journal in London, and David Gura, from Bloomberg in New York.

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