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China Warns UK over Nuclear Delay

August 9th, 2016

Episode 797 of 1091 episodes

China warns the UK a row over the Hinkley Point nuclear plant threatens their relationship. We find out why China is so upset from Miranda Carr, head of China thematic research at Haitong Securities. And former trade minister Lord Digby Jones tells us that the nuclear plant project should still go ahead. Also in the programme, environmental campaigners say we've just passed "overshoot day", where the world consumes more natural resources than can be replenished for the year. Andrew Simms from the New Weather Institute explains why the day is coming sooner each year. The International Monetary Fund estimates that Italy's economy won't return to pre-financial crisis levels til 2025. The BBC's Theo Leggett has been finding out why the country lags behind many others. In Kenya, there are concerns that many youngsters have been forced into debt as a result of gambling. The BBC's Michael Kaloki tells us about measures the country's government is discussing to clamp down on the betting industry. And do you fancy a job as a space tour guide? Ryan Asdourian from Microsoft tells us about its research into the likely new jobs of the future.

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