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Clinton v Trump - Debate Showdown Looms

September 26th, 2016

Episode 840 of 1091 episodes

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare for their first television debate. Former IMF chief economist Ken Rogoff says he's worried the US economy will go into reverse whoever becomes president. Plus, we ask our regular economic commentator Roger Bootle of Capital Economics for his take on the candidates' pledges. The Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species begins in Johannesburg with trade in ivory high on the agenda. US golf star Arnold Palmer dies aged 87 - we hear how he was responsible for the birth of modern-day sports marketing and sporting superstardom. A new study reveals many of us are checking our mobile phones in the middle of the night and that our addiction to the gadgets can cause family rows. Raian Ali of Bournemouth University, a lead researcher on digital addiction, tells us far too many people are unable to switch off. Plus Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times dispenses career advice as she argues there's no such thing as the perfect job.

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