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Cyber Attack In Thailand

October 1st, 2015

Episode 507 of 1091 episodes

Internet freedom campaigners in Thailand have launched cyber attacks on state run websites. Noppatjak Attanon, a reporter for the Bangkok television channel The Nation, tells us about opposition to the government's single internet gateway, deemed by some as censorship. Google and Microsoft have buried their legal hatchets, by calling a halt to a series of lawsuits over patent infringements. Dennis Crouch, an associate professor of law at the University of Missouri, explains why the technology giants have been engaged in issuing lawsuits. The scandal over emissions cheating now engulfing Volkswagen is casting a long shadow over Germany's industrial reputation. German products are often more expensive than those made elsewhere. The label 'Made in Germany' has come to symbolise quality and engineering excellence. One of the most successful of German engineering companies is Miele. It is a business that makes vacuum cleaners, washing machines and ovens. The BBC's Lucy Hooker has travelled to the company's home town of Gutersloh, in north western Germany, to see how the business has been battling to persuade consumers to stay loyal in fiercely competitive markets. These days - it seems - there is a day for everything and today is International Coffee Day. The idea is to celebrate a drink which still divides scientists on whether it is good or bad for us. About a third of the world's coffee comes from Brazil, where farmers have been hit hard by falling prices. They are trying to turn things around by focussing on quality. Our South America business reporter Daniel Gallas travelled to the mountains of Caparaó in south east Brazil, to meet them.

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