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Deutsche Bank Reassures Staff It Is Robust.

September 30th, 2016

Episode 844 of 1091 episodes

Shares in Deutsche Bank have bounced back in New York after the chief executive, John Cryan, reassured staff the bank is "strong" and blamed "some forces in the markets" for trying to damage trust in the bank. Reports of hedge funds taking the exit door sent Deutsche's shares on a rollercoaster ride in Europe, losing nearly nine percent as investors continued to fret about several challenges facing the German banking giant, notably a $14 billion fine in the US. We analyse the crisis that has enveloped Deutsche Bank with Michael Kemmer, General Manager of the Association of German Banks and the influential British economist John Kay. President Barack Obama may consider rapprochement with Cuba as one of his greatest foreign policy achievements. However while things have improved diplomatically, many Cubans think that little has changed economically. Calls for Washington to lift the US economic embargo on Cuba are growing stronger and the BBC's Will Grant has travelled to one place where the effects of it are most keenly felt, the countryside. UK employers are going to be forced to reveal how much more they pay men than women, under a newly introduced regulation. The gender pay gap is still a reality in many industries, despite women increasingly taking a lead in the corporate world. So what can be done to create fairer pay and close the gender salary gap? The BBC's Katie Hile gathered the views of delegates at the Women in Business seminar, held in the City of London. It has been another busy week for the BBC's Business News Team keeping you up to date with developments ranging from the reaction to the first Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, to India's policy on climate change, or yet another survey showing we are all too addicted to our smartphones. We reflect on the week's business news with Mike Regan, a columnist with Bloomberg in New York and Sam Jones, defence and security editor, at the Financial Times in London.

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