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EU talks over Brexit go to extra time

February 19th, 2016

Episode 646 of 1091 episodes

British Prime Minister David Cameron aims to break EU deadlock on a reform deal for the UK. We get the latest from Brussels as talks stretch into the evening. We also hear the views of two business observers, Chris Cummings from City UK, who believes the UK is better off within Europe and Nigel Baxter, who thinks the country would benefit from leaving the EU. Friday brings a chance to reflect on another busy week for the BBC's Business News Unit, with developments like the FBI pressing Apple to allow a backdoor to get around its smartphone encryption and the US resuming flights to Cuba, after many years. We invite Sujeet Indap of the Financial Times in New York and Rebecca Burn from the Wall Street Journal in London to give us their take on the week, Cycling will soon overtake car use in London, that is according to Transport for London. The English capital's transport authority claims that within a few years cyclists will outnumber cars on the city's roads. So is the boom in cycling unstoppable? Lucy Burton gathers the views of riders and bicycle businesses at the London Bike Show and we also hear from Emily Chappell, who spent 10 years as a cycle courier in London.

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