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Europe Warns Britain Over EU Exit Bill

February 21st, 2017

Episode 960 of 1091 episodes

The European Commission president says Britain might face a "hefty bill" for leaving the EU. As the upper house of Britain's parliament debates legislation to fire the starting gun on Brexit talks, we get the views of two economists, Roger Bootle of Capital Economics in the UK, and Sebastian Dullien from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany. Also in the programme, the great commodity price rebound has helped turn losses into profits for two of the world's biggest mining companies. We hear more from the chief executive of BHP Billiton, Andrew McKenzie, and Gareth Mostyn, executive head of strategy at diamond miners De Beers. As part of our ongoing series about disability in the workplace, we talk to Kurt Schoeffer of IT consultants Auticon, about why he employs only people with autism in his business. The BBC's Ed Butler has been in Egypt finding out how to grow lettuce in the desert. Plus as traffic gridlock tightens its grip all over the world, the BBC's Selin Girit reports on the impact in Turkey's busiest city, Istanbul, and Bob Ransdorp of satellite navigation company TomTom tells us about his company's research into how traffic congestion is changing around the globe.

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