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Eurozone Economic Growth Still Slow

November 13th, 2015

Episode 554 of 1091 episodes

As faltering growth in Germany keeps a check on recovery in the Eurozone we get a report from Berlin gauging the mood of people about the health of Europe's biggest economy. We also hear from Hans Werner Sinn at the IFO economic institute. At the end of this month the United Nations latest climate change conference in Paris gets underway. The aim will be to create a global legally binding agreement on the reduction of carbon emissions. Climate issues affect all countries big and small. But rising sea levels for smaller countries like the tiny island nations of the Pacific Ocean, many of which do not have much economic clout, are urgent and in some cases can prove frighteningly real. The BBC's Katy Watson has been to Tonga in the Pacific to find out more. It has been another busy week for the BBC's Business News Team with developments like Microsoft announcing its plans to store data in Germany over fears of snooping in the US and India's Prime Minister visiting the UK. We also saw two large diamonds auctioned for nearly $80 million, in the same week a classic painting sold for a record $170 million. We review these stories with Charlie Wells, News Editor at The Wall Street Journal and Sujeet Indap, US Editor of the Financial Times' Lex Column. (Picture: European Union flag in Berlin. Copyright: Getty Images.)

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