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Facebook Takes Aim at Ad-Blockers

August 10th, 2016

Episode 798 of 1091 episodes

Facebook has declared war on popular software that stops you seeing adverts. The BBC's Chris Foxx explains the background. Also in the programme, water and electricity shortages have become a significant problem in Lebanon. The BBC's Venetia Rainey reports on the government's efforts to tackle the crisis. A survey suggests that more than a third of young graduates regret going to university because of the amount of debt they've taken on. We have analysis from Iwan Williams, careers advisor at the UK Department for Education's Exam Results Helpline. Bristol in the southwest of England is hoping to prevent its city centre becoming a clone of other locations. The BBC's Dave Harvey explains why every shop in a new harbourside development will be let to a local independent retailer. And we talk to Eric Bradly from the Heritage Auction House in California, where a pair of one-cent coins dating back to 1792 are expected to fetch close to a million dollars.

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