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French Tourism Down After Paris Attacks

November 19th, 2015

Episode 560 of 1091 episodes

After last Friday's terrorist attacks on Paris many tourists have changed their holiday plans. Hotel bookings are down after the government declared a three month state of emergency. We speak to people bound for Paris at the Eurostar terminal in London. The US economist Irwin Stelzer reflects on the idea of a border-less Europe and asks whether the Schengen era may now be over. The company behind the online dating service Tinder has just made its share market debut on Wall Street. Will Match Group be popular with investors as well as singles? Plus we head down the Mekong Delta with the BBC's Fergus Nicoll, where the damming of the river by countries to the north of Vietnam is killing fish stocks - and forcing some species of river dolphin and giant catfish to the verge of extinction. But worse, the dams have cut the natural sediment that should be flowing downstream by half - meaning that the Delta wetlands are no longer being reinforced against the power of the sea.

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