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'Justify Executive Pay' Says UK Government

November 29th, 2016

Episode 889 of 1091 episodes

The British government is trying to tackle what some see as excessive pay at top companies. We ask Paul Nowak of the Trades Union Congress whether he thinks new measures to make company boards more accountable will work. And we have analysis from our regular commentator, Roger Bootle of Capital Economics. Also in the programme, there's concern over Zimbabwe's new currency, bond notes, which have been brought in to tackle a shortage of US Dollars. The BBC's Matthew Davies has been watching events from neighbouring South Africa. Lithium has become a hot commodity, with demand expected to triple in the next ten years. We find out more from Henk van Alphen, chief executive of the Canadian lithium producer Wealth Minerals. Plus with previously unheard music from Prince being released, the BBC's Hasit Shah asks what his real legacy will be.

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