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Low Turnout Invalidates Hungary Migrant Quotas Vote

October 3rd, 2016

Episode 845 of 1091 episodes

Hungary's Prime Minister claims victory in a referendum on migrant quotas, despite low turnout. Zoltan Kovacs is a spokesman for the Hungarian government, and tells us why it was opposed to the quotas. Plus we hear from Budapest journalist Tom Popper on why so many voters stayed at home. Also in the programme, the Ibrahim Index of African Governance shows there has been little improvement to how countries across Africa are governed. We find out more from the billionaire businessman Mo Ibrahim, who set up the foundation which compiled the report. The BBC's Jane Chambers reports from Chile on efforts to help the country's young entrepreneurs. Plus Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times reflects on the latest public relations battles facing the US' best-known female CEO, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo! To what extent are her woes made worse by her gender? (Picture: Officials count votes in Hungary's referendum. Picture credit: Getty Images.)

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