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Oil Strikes Close Hundreds of French Petrol Stations

May 24th, 2016

Episode 730 of 1091 episodes

Truckers are blockading French refineries in protest at a new labour law. Catherine Guilyardi is a Paris-based journalist who tells us pressure is ratcheting up on the government. Also in the programme, activist shareholders have failed in their bid to throw out a $6m salary for oil giant Shell's chief executive. We report from the company's annual general meeting in the Hague. There's a warning that some perfume and luxury furniture purchases could be funding illegally sourced plant extracts and wood from endangered trees. Ted Leggett wrote a new report on wildlife crime for the UN Office of Drugs and Crime, and fills us in. And the BBC's Edwin Lane reports from Vancouver on why the city has become the least affordable in North America. (Picture: A closed petrol station. Picture credit: Getty Images.)

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