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Olympics 2020 Fever Begins in Tokyo

August 22nd, 2016

Episode 808 of 1091 episodes

The Olympics in Brazil have drawn to a close. Now, as four years of Olympics fever starts in Tokyo, we ask if the upcoming games mark the moment of an economic turnaround in Japan. The US drugs firm Pfizer has agreed a $14bn dollar takeover deal with the cancer treatment maker Medivation - we ask what it means for those who use the medicines from these pharmaceutical giants. Majorca, a hot, scenic island off the coast of Spain, is a favourite destination for many Europeans. But after Britain chose to exit the European Union, many businesses in Majorca have been worried that British people would be put off from holidaying there. The BBC's Adam Kirtley reports from the island. India has a new central bank governor - we ask what problems are awaiting Urjit Patel as he takes over in one of the world's fastest growing economies. Finally: how do you succeed on Twitter? Regular commentator Lucy Kellaway from the Financial Times assesses how chief executives use the microblogging site - and more importantly, why so many rich and famous people mess things up on it.

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