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Philippines Election: Rodrigo Duterte Wins Presidency

May 10th, 2016

Episode 720 of 1091 episodes

The new president says fighting crime will attract more investment. We ask the BBC's Jonathan Head if the maverick winner has what it takes to improve business in the Philippines. Also in the programme, Diarmaid Fleming reports from Ireland where US investment bank Goldman Sachs bought up apartments and told tenants to leave, amidst an already overpriced housing market. Officials in Kenya are warning people not to drink some brands of bottled water over health concerns. The BBC's Michael Kaloki brings us the story. Our regular economic commentator Roger Bootle considers US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump's pronouncements on trade. Plus with Facebook launching its 'Moments' app in Europe for the first time, we ask how the company has got around privacy laws that make facial recognition software difficult to implement on the continent.

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