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Record $6.5bn Loss for BHP Billiton

August 16th, 2016

Episode 803 of 1091 episodes

The world's biggest mining company - BHP Billiton - has recorded it's biggest loss ever: almost $6.5bn. We ask how the firm's losses could affect some of the world's poorest countries. Celebrity gossip site Gawker is being sold at auction. It filed for bankruptcy after being sued by wrestler Hulk Hogan. We speak to one of the site's unlikely defenders - a man who has been on the receiving end of a Gawker piece which labelled him the 62nd 'worst white man' in history. Chile's salmon farming industry has lost 25 million fish in a plague of algae. The BBC's Jane Chambers reports on the risk to an industry worth millions of dollars, and thousands of jobs. And finally: a new hotel in popular holiday destination Dubai will contain a tropical rainforest - we ask if this is the new definition of luxury, or just a half a billion dollar marketing gimmick.

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