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Rising Prices May Save UK Steel Industry

July 8th, 2016

Episode 769 of 1091 episodes

Just a few weeks ago, the headlines were that the British steel industry was losing a-million pounds a day - and its owner, Tata Group of India, was desperate to sell everything it owned in the UK. Now the sale of the main Port Talbot plant in Wales is on hold - and Britain's business secretary, Sajid Javid, is back in India trying to cut a new deal with the Tata Steel board. The BBC's Yogita Limaye, in Mumbai, explores the behind the scenes negotiations to save the UK's steel industry. And we talk to steel analyst Peter Brennan of S&P Global Platts about how rising steel prices may be the plant's saviour. Meanwhile, we also head to Amsterdam to look at how Holland is coping with Britain's referendum vote to leave the European Union. Anti-European and anti-immigrant sentiment has been on the rise in the Netherlands over the last decade or so. Now the UK has voted to leave the EU, might the Dutch follow suit? Amsterdam's deputy mayor, Kaijsa Ollengren talks to the BBC.

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