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Shoppers Catch Black Friday Retail Fever

November 25th, 2016

Episode 887 of 1091 episodes

Shoppers in the US and other countries have been crowding into malls and main streets looking for bargains on the day the American retail trade knows as Black Friday. However the traditional day when US retailers hope a year of being in the red will see profits push into the black, is also catching on in other countries, even though they are not celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. We bring you a flavour of the scene outside a Macy's store in New York City and we get a report from Nigeria, where retailers are hoping to stoke up bumper sales. Some population experts are predicting a wave of migration to the US before Donald Trump takes over as president in January. During the campaign the president-elect talked about building a wall between Mexico and the United States, to keep a lid on illegal immigration. But migrants who want to start a new life in the US are not only from Mexico as increasingly more are coming from countries like Brazil, where the economy has collapsed. Work for hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, from street sellers to construction tradesmen has dried up since the end of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The BBC's Joao Fellet in Washington tells us Brazilians have few ways of migrating legally to the US and most of them arrive using a tourist visas and then just stay. Think of a country where tea is grown and you will probably conjure up images of China or plantations in East Africa, but it is unlikely you will think of England. The British are known as tea drinkers, but thanks to warmer weather a tea growing industry has sprung up in the south west of England. BBC Business Reporter Joshua Thorpe visits the UK's oldest commercial tea plantation in Cornwall, to find out if the industry will ever rival Kenya or Sri Lanka. Friday brings an end to another busy week for the BBC's Business News unit, reporting on developments like President elect Donald Trump announcing he will withdraw the US from the TPP Asia Pacific trade deal, or Facebook looking at ways to tweaking its software to facilitate censorship in China. We reflect on the week with Soumaya Keynes, from the Economist in London and Charles Forelle, at the Wall Street Journal.

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