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The cost of improving refugees' lives

September 3rd, 2015

Episode 479 of 1091 episodes

European leaders are having urgent discussions on what to do about the growing migrant crisis. British Prime Minister David Cameron is one of a number of leaders focusing on improving conditions in the refugees' home countries. But how much would that really cost? We speak to Michael Clemens, from the Center for Global Development in Washington DC. It has been a day of disruption in Paris. Hundreds of farmers and more than 1,300 tractors arrived in the centre of the French capital to protest against falling livestock prices and a collapse in incomes. Arnold Puech D'Allssac, president of France's main farming union, explains why. Continuing the BBC's India season, Rahul Tandon looks at how technology is helping children in remote areas get access to education, through "schools in the cloud". And also from India, the BBC's Vishala Sri-Pathma reports on the love of biryani in Kolkata

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