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Trump Heads to Europe

July 5th, 2017

Episode 1082 of 1091 episodes

President Donald Trump is starting a trip to Poland then Germany for the G-20 meeting. Polish journalist Wojciech Przybylski tells us what sort of reception Mr Trump can expect at the first stop, and we consider his agenda for the G-20 with Elmar Brok, a member of the European Parliament for Angela Merkel's ruling Christian Democratic Union party. Also in the programme, carmaker Volvo has announced that all its new models launched after 2019 will feature electric motors. British motoring journalist Maria McCarthy tells us how big a move this actually is. East African supermarket chain Nakumatt has been forced to close several stores recently. The BBC's David Wafula in Nairobi tells us why the company has run into trouble. Plus, we celebrate the 80th anniversary of Spam, the canned meat made famous by Monty Python. Food historian Lizzie Collingham tells us why it has a varied reputation in different parts of the world.

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