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Trump Seeks to Slash Tax for Business

April 26th, 2017

Episode 1021 of 1091 episodes

The US Treasury Secretary has confirmed plans to slash US corporation tax to 15%. David Rennie is Washington bureau chief for The Economist, and tells us how likely it is that the plan will make it through the US Congress. Also in the programme, carmaker Hyundai has revealed a sharp fall in profits as South Korean companies bear the brunt of tensions between its government and China over a missile defence shield. We find out more from Alex Jensen, a journalist based in Seoul. The banking giant Credit Suisse is seeking $4bn in a rights issue. The BBC's Theo Leggett tells us why. Finland is involved in a pilot of universal basic income, where the state would pay a fixed sum to all its citizens irrespective of whether they have a job. The BBC's Paul Moss reports from Tampere. Plus, after a giant rabbit died in the hold of a flight to Chicago's O'Hare airport, we find out about the perils of travelling with pets, from travel writer Neil Taylor.

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