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Turkey Cracks Down On Press

July 28th, 2016

Episode 787 of 1091 episodes

Turkey's government continues to crackdown on its critics, this time with the forced closure of more than 130 media outlets including several national newspapers, news agencies, television and radio stations. We get the latest from Istanbul, including the story of Sevgi Akarcesme, who was the editor-in-chief of an English-language daily newspaper until it was seized by the Turkish government in March. And Fergus Nicoll continues his tour of political convention season in the US. We hear from younger voters at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Plus, make way for whiskey. Ivan Menezes, boss of the global drinks giant Diageo, tells us how Mad Men's Don Draper has encouraged young people away from drinking beer - and towards sipping expensive cocktails. And before you reach for that second latte, Alex Ritson explains why recycling that coffee cup might not be doing the environment any favours.

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