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UK-China ties 'Lifted to New Height'

October 20th, 2015

Episode 524 of 1091 episodes

Britain rolls out the red carpet for China's President Xi Jinping. But the visit comes as Britain's steel industry falls into a crisis. Peter Brennan of Platts' Steel Business Briefing considers the charge that competition from China is to blame. And with billions of dollars worth of Chinese-UK investment deals expected to be unveiled in the coming days, we assess the wisdom of welcoming Chinese money with open arms. James McGregor from consultancy group APCO Worldwide's Chinese operations and Nigel Spray from the investment bank Kleinwort Benson have differing views. Meanwhile Dr Rosa Freedman of the University of Birmingham tells us she thinks Britain is selling out on human rights in return for Chinese investment. Also in the programme, as the Financial Times publishes a list of the top 100 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender executives in the world, we find out from Claudia Brind-Woody from IBM, who is placed fifth, why such a list is needed.

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