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Ultra-Tough Antibiotic to Fight Superbugs

May 30th, 2017

Episode 1053 of 1091 episodes

There has been a breakthrough in the war on antibiotics resistance. Anthony Coates, professor of medical microbiology at St George's hospital in London explains the new discovery. Also in the programme, there are new eurozone jitters, as tension mounts between Greece and Germany over debt forgiveness. Our regular economic commentator Roger Bootle assesses the latest developments. A new railway between Kenya's capital Nairobi and its port city Mombasa is opening today. The BBC's Michael Kaloki in Nairobi tells us what sort of difference it will make. President Donald Trump says he'll decide this week whether to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement. The BBC's Ed Butler has been looking at the impact climate change might have in Florida. Plus we look at the trickiest job interview questions people have received, with Peter Reilly who is an associate at the UK-based think tank, the Institute for Employment Studies.

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