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US cable firm takes over F1 racing

September 8th, 2016

Episode 823 of 1091 episodes

The Cable Cowboy and a man often called Napoleon are getting together. John Malone, the US cable TV billionaire, is taking control of the steering wheel of Formula One. F1's current powerful, flamboyant, and diminutive boss, Bernie Ecclestone, has agreed to stay on as chief executive, despite initially saying he might "say adios" to Liberty. The BBC's in-house petrol-head, Theo Leggett, explains the deal. For the past week, dozens of ships around the world have been stuck at sea. The vessels are operated or owned by South Korea's Hanjin, which has sought bankruptcy protection after getting into financial difficulties. The BBC's Sharanjit Leyl in Singapore put on a Iifejacket and headed out into the Singapore Strait to try to get aboard one Hanjin vessel. Also on the programme, Irwin Stelzer gives us his take on the Apple tax row. Professor Mark Skilton tells us about Micro Focus - the UK firm that has just brought the software business of Hewlett Packard. And we hear from the Nigerian capital, Abuja, about plans to turn the city into a tech hub.

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