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WBR: Africa leaders sign 'Cape to Cairo' free trade bloc deal

June 10th, 2015

Episode 389 of 1091 episodes

African leaders have agreed to create the continent's largest free-trade zone, covering 26 countries in an area from Cape Town to Cairo. Supporters argue it could transform Africa's economic fortunes. Our Africa business reporter Matthew Davies helps us compare rhetoric with reality. Meanwhile another proposed trade deal has suffered a setback, as a vote in Strasbourg on a major proposed EU-US free trade deal has been delayed. We discuss the proposed pact with Sander Loones, a Flemish MEP, and German MEP Ska Keller. Also, we hear how hackers have found a new way to make money out of software loopholes. We talk to Steve Jacques, an engineer at Juniper Networks, who helped write a report on an emerging grey market for information about software vulnerabilities. Plus, there's been a dramatic rise in the number of women drinking whisky. Our reporter Lucy Burton has been trying to find out why.

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