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WBR: Anti Corruption Party Wins Delhi Election 10 Mar 15

February 10th, 2015

Episode 205 of 1091 episodes

India's governing party - the BJP - loses its majority in Delhi to the anti-corruption party Aam Aadmi, led by Arvind Kejriwal. One student tells us why the victory will persuade people to be less cynical about Indian politics. Concerns are growing over the vulnerability of domestic workers, as many are subject to abuse. After an Indonesian maid was beaten and denied food by her employer, Amnesty International tell us these cases are all too common. Chinese food giant Bright Food are on a mission to acquire Western food brands and change the tastes of China. We ask what the motive is behind their acquisition of a major cereal brand in the UK and a pork company in the US. Even with billions of songs streamed online last year, the business is not profitable for some. American telecoms giant AT&T has pulled out of music streaming altogether - along with Sony.

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