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WBR: FIFA Presidential Vote Amid Corruption Claims 29 May 15

May 29th, 2015

Episode 365 of 1091 episodes

Football's world governing body FIFA spent much of Friday voting in a presidential election dogged by the dark spectre of allegations of fraud. Kara Scannell, Investigations Correspondent for the Financial Times, followed a day of voting from New York, at the end of a week in which the US Department of Justice accused several soccer executives of graft. Greek bank deposits have fallen to their lowest level in more than 10 years, as another debt deadline looms for the debt ridden country. The Greek government, the EU and the IMF have been arguing for months over reforms that must be implemented before the latest 7 billion tranche of bailout money is released. But before that can happen, Greece has to pay more than 1 billion to the IMF by next Friday. How much more uncertainty can the Greek people take? The luxury home of the late pop star Michael Jackson is for sale, but is Neverland worth $100 million?

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